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Audio transcription solutions for beginners and experts

Are you looking for an audio transcription solution? Transcribe your dictations simply and professionally with a work station solution from Grundig Business Systems! We offer audio transcription solutions for both beginners and experts. Our recommendation: purchase the reasonably priced comprehensive solution!

Digta Transcription Starter Kit 568 with DigtaSoft Pro

  • Inexpensive writing desk for beginners
  • With foot switch Digta Foot Control 540 USB
  • With headphone Digta Swingphone 568 Jack
  • Including the software DigtaSoft Pro

Box contents

Digta footcontrol 540 USB, Digta Swingphone 568 Jack, DVD with PC software DigtaSoft Pro incl. Single user license.

Ideal for getting started: The complete Digta Transcription Starter Kit

The Digta Transcription Starter Kit is a complete desktop solution that allows you to transcribe dictations professionally! This solution is especially suitable for beginners and contains headphones, foot switches as well as a DVD with the software DigtaSoft Pro for advanced workflow settings. With the software you can receive dictations simply and quickly via e-mail. The display of priorities, identifications and time stamps provide an optimal overview of the existing dictations and their urgency.

Practical headphone for professional use : under-the-chin, quick disconnect and highest quality playback

The Digta Swingphone 568 Jack is the right solution for those who value the look and feel of the Digta Swingphone 568 Jack. WAV or MP3 files you can listen to in stereo, because the jack cable contains an integrated sound card. Particularly practical: the quick disconnect coupling. When leaving the workplace, just plug the long end of the cable with the jack plug at the end of your PC. The headphone Digta Swingphone 568 Jack with the short cable can be stored, for example, in a drawer without the cable knotted.

Dictates with the foot switch conveniently transcribe

The foot switch Digta Foot Control 540 USB is a high-quality control unit for professional writing places with proven ergonomic design. Its three buttons are equipped with the functions start / stop, fast forward and fast reverse. Depending on the setting of the switch in the base plate, the Digta Foot Control 540 USB has the electronic start function when the foot pedal is pressed, or the dictation is played while the foot pedal is pressed. The functionless plate in the middle serves as a rest position when operating with one foot.

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