Mobile devices

With a digital portable dictation device from Grundig Business Systems, you are always location-independent and can dictate when you are out of the office. You transfer your recorded dictations quickly and conveniently to the desired secretarial staff either from your PC or directly from your portable dictation device using DSSMover. Digital dictation can be that easy!

Digta 7 with DigtaSoft One

  • Mobile dictation device with slide switch
  • Clear, high contrast XXL display
  • PIN device security, 128/256-bit encryption
  • Including DigtaSoft One software for beginners / transitions

Box contents

Digta 7, two AAA batteries, USB cable, carrying case, hand strap, DVD with DigtaSoft One PC software including a license for one user.

Intuitive dictation control

Our slide switch with “Touch Pin”

The Digta 7 has an innovative “Touch Pin“ slide switch. With this switch the user can operate the dictation device by feel, as the “Touch Pin” protrudes from the switch when set on ‘stop’. Moreover the slide switch allows four different operation modes. With a simple adjustment, the customers can select the slide switch version they use most for their Digta 7. That's making it especially practical for those new to the digital experience and for beginners.

By the way: You can also use the Digta 7 as PC microphone. Connect your device easily to the PC via USB cable!

Maintain a trouble-free overview through a high contrast display and self scaling dictation bar

The transflective backlit LCD display of the Digta 7 provides clear, high-contrast text and graphic documents in a 160 x 160 pixel display with 16 grayscales . The contrast will be intensified with bright surrounding light or direct sunlight. Fields with a gray background organize the displayed information on the Digta 7 into clearly structured groups. The active settings are clearly emphasized.

The self-scaling progress bar in the display of the Digta 7 shows the length of the dictation. This allows you a clear overview - independent of the dictation length recorded on your Digta 7.

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