Comprehensive Packages

Digital dictation could not be simpler: Get a dictation device complete package with headphones and foot switch! We have a selection of complete packages with Digta 7 dictation devices. The solutions are ideal, whether you are new to dictation or just want to transition to digital dictation! Both systems can also be used for transcription.

Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit

  • Recording and playback system without PC connection
  • With mobile dictation device Digta 7 and docking station
  • Foot switch and headphone to listen to the recordings via the docking station
  • Can be integrated to the PC network by means of the software (separately available)

Box contents

Digta 7, Digta Station 447 Plus, power cable 477, battery pack 962, Digta hardware DVD, foot switch 536, Digta Swingphone 568 GBS

Effortlessly maintain a good overview with the Digta 7's high-contrast display

The Digta 7 from the Digta 7 Stand-Alone Kit is equipped with “Easy Mode”, which reduces displayed functions to the essentials. Those who are transitioning from analogue to digital dictation especially appreciate this function. They work with the accustomed sliding switch and profit from the Digta 7's simple operation.

The Digta 7's transflective, back-lit LCD display, with its 160 x 160 pixels and 16-bit grayscale, presents text and graphics sharply but unostentatiously. Bright ambient light, including direct sunlight, improves the contrast.

Transcription station operations and simultaneous loading of two accumulators

The Digta Station 447 Plus is equipped with connections for the proven Grundig accessories – foot switch and headphones. When you place you Digta 7 in the Digta Station 447 Plus, your docking station becomes a transcription station without a PC.

At the same time, your lithium-ion battery recharges in the dictation device. If you wish, you can also charge a second battery in the Digta Station 447 Plus separately. This ensures that you always have an additional, completely charged battery ready for use.

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