KX-VC1300/KX-VC1600: Software File Version 4.15 or later

In this manual, the suffix of each model number (e.g., KX-VCA001XX) is omitted unless necessary. In this manual, HD Visual Communication is abbreviated as "HDVC".


Lifelike Video Conference Call

You can experience lifelike video conference calls with smooth, high-quality video and clear stereo*1 sound*1

If using 2 or more Digital Boundary Microphones, stereo output can be enabled through system settings. When using Digital Boundary Microphones and an Analogue Boundary Microphone together, stereo output may be unavailable depending on the connection configuration.

Home Electronics-style Remote Control Operation and Simple, Easy to Understand Graphical User Interface

You can make settings and perform operations using familiar remote control operations and a simple, easy to understand interface.

Stabilized Communication Quality

In periods of network congestion, automatic packet transmission rate quality control prevents packet loss to maintain a video conference call’s image and sound quality. This allows video conference calls with stabilized communication quality even over an Internet connection or mobile communication.

Dual stream (2 screens) compatible

You can send the image of your video camera and the image of your computer’s screen or a sub video camera at the same time to the other party.

You can view the other party and check shared data at the same time to hold more realistic and interactive meetings.

Dual network compatibility (KX-VC1600 only)

You can connect to different networks at the same time, such as your company’s internal network and the Internet. This allows seamless connectivity with units both inside and outside of your company.

Multi-party connections

The KX-VC1300 has a built-in MCU and can establish multiple connections with a maximum of 4 parties. The KX-VC1600 can establish multiple connections with a maximum of 6 parties standard, and is expandable to a maximum of 10 parties. All devices have MCU functions built-in, allowing for flexible connectivity.

Note: In this manual, 1 unit with a built-in MCU which connects to multiple sites simultaneously is referred as to the "Main Site", and the sites connecting to the Main Site are referred to as "Sub Sites". A site that establishes connections to multiple sites using a Profile Call, or a site that adds a site to the call during a 2-party video conference call with another site (Page 60) becomes the "Main Site".

Selectable Video Source

By connecting your computer or video camera to the unit, you can show your computer’s screen or video camera image to video conference call participants.

Encrypted Communication

Packets sent for video conference calls can be encrypted to prevent packet leaks, tampering, or eavesdropping.

KX-VC Series NAT Traversal Service

"KX-VC Series NAT Traversal Service" is a service that allows you to easily and affordably set up and operate a communication environment for the HD Visual Communication Unit.*1*2 Also, complicated router configuration is unnecessary, which allows even people who are not network administrators set up a communication environment. Furthermore, you can assign the unit a unique number (Terminal ID), which allows the unit to be called not by IP address, but with the unique 7-digit number. This means communication can be initiated as if calling a telephone. Communication can also be encrypted, so that you can communicate over the Internet safely and securely.

For details about KX-VC Series NAT Traversal Service, refer to the following web site: Click Here
  • This service may be unavailable depending on the country/area of use. For details, contact your dealer.
  • This service may be unavailable depending on your router’s type or your Internet connection environment. For details, contact your dealer.

Making Video Conference Calls via SIP Server

By using a SIP server, you can establish video conference calls not just by IP address, but also by specifying a SIP URI (SIP user name@SIP domain name) instead. If the other party uses the same SIP domain name as you, you can make a video conference call by specifying only the SIP user name. For information about supported SIP servers, contact your dealer.

Calling via an H.323 Gatekeeper

Going through an H.323 Gatekeeper allows communication of not just the IP address, by the H.323 extension and the H.323 name as well. Contact your dealer regarding the gatekeepers that can be used.

Enhanced Features through the Use of Activation Keys

By using an activation key (sold separately), you can upgrade the features of the unit. This allows enrollment in the KX-VC Series NAT Traversal Service, and if using the KX-VC1600, multiple connections with up to 10 parties simultaneously.

Remote Video Camera Operation via Remote Control

You can move your own video camera up, down, left, and right as well as zoom in and out. You can also register up to 9 preset patterns of video camera direction and zoom level which allows you to easily change the video camera’s direction and zoom level by selecting a preset (Page 78, Page 80). Additionally, you can also use your remote control to control the other party’s video camera.

*1 To be able to control another party’s video camera, settings must be configured on the other party’s unit.

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